November 20, 2017

"Best locksmith I've ever had (and I've locked myself out of my car numerous times). He knows his stuff! Other locksmiths have gone through my window, and on my Subaru Outback, there isn't a hard frame, so they're all afraid of shattering my window. Matt knew on my car a quick, easy, non-shatter-threatening way to unlock it. Very impressed. If I'm locked out in Fargo again, I'll be calling ABC Lock & Key from now on. "
October 31, 2017

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! So prompt and reasonably priced! I called at 11:30 at night, realizing I locked my purse in the garage, with no way to get to the car or get to work next morning. Service was fast, friendly, and very reasonable. Thank you so much!"
December 7, 2016

He was knowledgeable and informative.

"After calling several other locksmiths in the area and having issues with them not dealing with cars that old, or them asking me to go to the dealership for some numbers, or having the wait be too long before someone was available to help, I ended up finding ABC Lock and Key. I called and a friendly sounding Gentleman (Matt Knopp) answered the phone, what made him stand apart from the other locksmiths is that he answered the phone, and said he’d be right on his way. The other locksmiths always had the people on the phone lines and then the people in the field, so I was happy about this right away, I always love supporting smaller businesses whenever possible. He drove out and arrived as quickly as possible and got right to work. He was knowledgeable and informative, and it was fun to watch him work. He is a swell guy that does his job well and efficiently, and his prices are on par if not better than the other locksmiths I talked to. Overall I am very satisfied with his work, and if I ever lock my keys in the trunk of my car again this is the person I’m going to call first!"
December 7, 2016

SO fast & friendly!

"SO fast & friendly! I called when my 1 year old daughter locked me out of the house (I was just packing the car!) and he was there in just a few minutes. He jumped out of his truck (still running) and ran to the door and had it unlocked within a minute. I am SO grateful!"
December 7, 2016

Matt was prompt, professional and very reasonable.

"I could not be happier with the service I received yesterday from ABC Lock & Key. I’ve used others in the past, but none compares to ABC. Matt was prompt, professional and very reasonable. He opened my car in a matter of seconds. If you find yourself in a dilemma, call Matt. He’ll help you out. Thank you so much, Mr. ABC Lock & Key!!"